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Podiatry Drill and E-File Repairs and Servicing

We're a family run business with a long history in the Chiropody & Podiatry market. We have training direct from equipment manufacturers and Electronic Engineers on staff, so we're the best bet for getting your drill back to full health. We have 100's of happy customers, and provide personal aftercare to make sure your equipment is working reliably and safely.

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What can you do?

Any mechanical or electrical issues can be assessed. Most of the time issues can be caused by something as simple as a build up or dust, or one or two faulty mechanical parts that have failed due to wear and tear. We use parts and bearings direct from manufacturer so repairs are always up to manufacturer specification.


Micromotor Servicing

Our Micromotor service includes replacement of wear and tear parts, including bearings and brushes. Handpieces and units are given a deep clean, removing the dust and debris which builds up over regular use.

from £40+V

Micromotor Servicing
Suction Drill Servicing

Suction Drill Servicing

Suction drills servicing includes a clean down of both handpiece and unit, removing any dust build up. Wear and tear parts such as brushes, filters and bearings are replaced to ensure all is in good working order.

from £100+V

Spray Drill Servicing

Spray drills can suffer from build up of scale on the internal water systems. Our service includes full disassembly and cleaning of all pumps and pressure systems to ensure clean and consistent spray.

from £125+V

Spray Drill Servicing
E-Files and Beauty

E-Files and Beauty

We also have experience repairing many brands of E-File, Lamps and Dust Collectors. E-Files benefit from regular servicing, helping to keep motion smooth and vibration free.

from £40+V

Service Updates

Current expected lead time: 2 weeks.

We no longer support devices over 6 years old - please check manufacture dates on the back of your unit before sending any device in. This is due to added difficulty and cost in sourcing parts thanks to our leaving the EU, alongside an abnormally large workload. We shall continue to fully support Hadewe and Saeyang drills, servicing is still available on other devices but please be aware if any parts are needed from the original equipment manufacturer they may take weeks to months to arrive, and also be more expensive due to import taxes.

Important Information

Current expected lead time: 2 weeks.

Pricing Changes for 2024 - As of February 2024 our prices will be increasing. We always try to be competitive and fair with our prices however due to rising costs across the board we have had to increase our base servicing costs. Please see the table below for our base costs going forward.

Service Cost
Compact Device Service £40+VAT
Suction Device Service £100+VAT
Spray Device Service £125+VAT
Assessment/Minimum Fee Repairs £25+VAT

Above prices are for device servicing. Repairs are taken on a case by case basis and as such prices will fluctuate based on the works required. We will always quote for any works above the pre-approved cost selected on the form.

We're just experiencing some technical issues with our booking form, we hope to have this back up as soon as possible.

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In order to book your device in, please fill out the form below. You will recieve an email with a completed form to print off, simply put this inside the box with your device and send if off to the address found at the bottom of the printout. You'll receive an email update as soon as it arrives with us. This is not a contact form, please only use this form to book your device in with us.

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We require a serial number for all repairs, if you can't find one please just use your surname and the model of the drill I.E SmithK38.
By preapproving a maximum price it allows us to get to work straight away. If we take a look at your device and expect the bill to be more we shall get in touch to give you a new estimate so you can decide whether you'd like to go ahead.
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Please select the return postage service you would prefer. For all devices over 1.5KG DPD will be used.
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Feel free to get in touch using the channels below. However we do not book in repairs over the phone or via email, please use the form above.

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